Enhancing Experiences by Bringing Awareness to the Present Moment


• • • a creative love affair • • •

Although the makers—Hy and Danielle—grew up thousands of miles apart, their artistic, farm life upbringings were parallel and in many ways are what brought them together.

Running around the Fairy Forest and dabbling in art projects with grandma Freddy was where Danielle's love affair with all things creative began. She made the move from Oregon to Montana in 2013 to try something new, and little did she know she would meet her person and step into a creative path she never could have envisioned for herself.

In late 2017, the now married couple began Wood Intimations; a small home goods & lifestyle company that was built on the foundation of love and a passion for people. They lead empowering retreats, spoon carving workshops for the complete beginner, and sell their beautiful wooden products all around the Pacific Northwest. They are currently located just outside of Portland, Oregon and continue to make regular trips back to soak in The Montana House; their off-grid NW Montana home that Hy build back in 2013.

Wood Intimations, inspired by William Wordsworth's Ode, "Intimations of Immortality”, speaks to all things that bring joy to our family; people, woodcraft, natural elements, poetry, and just simply existing in nature.